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Whappend Whatsapp bulk marketing

What is Whappend?


Is a powerful tool developed to manage large volumes of outgoing WhatsApp communications

Whatsapp reception API

WhatsApp Bulk Messaging Tool, deliver messages easily to multiple WhatsApp numbers all over the world.

Send text, audio, picture and PDF. Pay as you go!

Whappend Features

Whappend WhatsApp chat manager
Auto Management Plaform

Simple and intuitive. Handle your deliveries without intermediaries. Import your databases and manage your campaigns.

WhatsApp and Whappend coexist in your phone
Start in Minutes

Try the demo, make the topup you need and start delivering messages.

Whappend WhatsApp security
Data Privacy

Contacts are highly valuable for our customers and we take care of them. We DON'T sell databases.

Linking Whappend with WhatsApp!


A phone with WhatsApp Business
or Regular WhatsApp is needed!

1 Whappend WhatsApp Login

Log Into Whappend

With Facebook, Gmail or any e-mail account

2 WhatsApp Whappend Pairing

Pair a WhatsApp number

Pair your own number, or any other for testing.

3 WhatsApp Whappend chat manager

Start sending

Manage your WhatsApp bulk message sending with Whappend.

Make a topup and manage your WhatsApp communications through Whappend on one or several numbers. Credit will be consumed from your balance message per message. Whappend does NOT provide numbers, so you can quickly pair your own to make tests.

Whappend Pricing


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Through Email support@whappend.com