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WhatsApp Business API para alertas

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Whappend API

La única API de WhatsApp business disponible para usar en el acto.
Sin proceso de alta, con líneas y templates aprobados por Meta.
Prueba la demo ahora y envía tu primer alerta o recordatorio!

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curl --request POST \
     --url https://plus.whappend.com/api/ \
     --header 'content-type: application/json’ \
     --data '{
     "action": "SEND_TEMPLATE”,
     "apikey": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
     "phone": "xxxxxxxxxxx",
     "template_name": "your_message_template",
     "parameters": [

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Whappend benefits!

Connecting with the WhatsApp Business API to send verification codes has never been easier.
With Whappend, you don't have to register a number! We will provide you with one, along with templates approved by Meta, to send messages to multiple recipients quickly.

Whappend Features

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Auto Management

Simple and intuitive. Handle your deliveries without intermediaries. Connect with Whappend and manage your campaigns.

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Data Privacy

Contacts are highly valuable for our customers and we take care of them. We do not sell databases.

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Start in Minutes

Try the demo, make the topup you need and start delivering messages.


Pay per message based on the country of destination.

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ar   XX USD per message!

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WhatsApp by Whappend

WhatsApp Business Templates

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Send Alerts by WhatsApp integration API

placeholder image-sq

Send Newsletters by WhatsApp

placeholder image-sq

Send Booking confirmations by WhatsApp

placeholder image-sq

Send Alarms by WhatsApp API

placeholder image-sq

Connect and send Reminders by WhatsApp

placeholder image-sq

Send Notifications for your Business by WhatsApp

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Help Desk

Allow your customers to contact you by WhatsApp

placeholder image-sq

Connect and sell products or services

placeholder image-sq

Verifica identidad con códigos 2FA a través de WhatsApp

placeholder image-sq

Send collection reminders via WhatsApp

placeholder image-sq
Activation Codes

Send Activation Codes by WhatsApp

placeholder image-sq
OTT Codes

Send OTT Codes for two step verification

placeholder image-sq

Send Menu for delivery or pickup through WhatsApp

placeholder image-sq
Take Orders

Take orders by WhatsApp

placeholder image-sq

Verify identity with codes sent by WhatsApp

placeholder image-sq

Send Tracking Codes by WhatsApp

placeholder image-sq

Integrate your CRM and give paperwork status by WhatsApp

placeholder image-sq

Contact your customers by WhatsApp

placeholder image-sq

Give Customer Support by WhatsApp for your customers

placeholder image-sq
Shipment Information

Send Shipment tracking automatically