Do I need to have my own WhatsApp Business account?

No, at Mojiwi, we will provide you with a registered WhatsApp Business number so you can send messages.

Do I need to link my WhatsApp number?

No, at Mojiwi, we will provide you with the WhatsApp number for sending messages.

Can I send any type of message?

No, you can only send messages that conform to the available templates offered by Mojiwi.

Can I edit the message text?

Only the message customization variables and if the selected template allows it.

Can I only send verification codes?

Yes, at the moment, it is the only available template for sending messages. New templates will be activated soon.

Is the service official?

Yes, it is the WhatsApp Business API. The connection is direct with Meta and is ready to use. You don't have to worry about registrations and administrative procedures.

From which number are the messages sent?

Mojiwi provides the numbers from which messages are sent. This sender is not customizable by the user. We send messages from rotating numbers.

Can I use my own numbers to send messages?

No, we provide the numbers and they are random.

Is there a limit to the number of messages I can send?

No, there is no message limit. As long as you have a balance in your account, you can send as many messages as you want.

What is the minimum purchase?

The minimum purchase is $5, and the credit is immediately credited.

Does the API allow me to send and receive messages?

No, currently you can only send messages. There is no reception of messages

How do I get the API key?

By registering, you immediately get access to your API key.

How can I test the API?

Once you register, you get access to a free demo where you can manually test the API in our panel or by executing a CURL with the code we provide.

What happens if I run out of credit halfway through sending messages?

After adding more balance, you will need to call the API to send the messages that did not go through.

Can I send messages to all countries?

Yes. Keep in mind that the message price varies depending on the country.

How can I buy credit?

You can buy credit in the Billing section using a credit card.

For how long is my credit available? Does it expire?

Your credit has no expiration date.

Does it work in all countries?


Do you have a shipment report?

The system provides a shipment report in the Billing section focused on the consumption of credit.